Starmer is doing everything wrong that Kinnock did wrong

Brilliant analysis by Martin of Labour Right Wing… a must read

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by Martin Odoni

One of the worst failings of political debate in this country is that fallacious reasoning, including macho stubbornness, often overrides ordinary logic, and Occam’s Razor is frequently substituted with confirmation bias.

The Labour Party leader of much of the 1980s, Neil Kinnock, was a superlative example of this attitude. He had come to the leadership in place of Michael Foot, after the calamity of the 1983 General Election, which saw Labour’s vote plummet, and the Tories score a landslide 144-seat majority. Kinnock, a Welsh coal-miner’s son and a staunch left-winger up to this point, deserted almost every single one of his principles within days of winning the leadership. He lurched firmly to the right, having been convinced that the reason Labour lost the Election was that Foot had been ‘too left wing’ in his policy platform.

Not left, not right, just general chaos the real problem


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