Revealed: The £271 billion rape of the National Insurance Fund that deprived 50s women of their state pension

David Hencke

dsc_8416 Guy Opperman – the current pension minister who says it is too expensive to pay the 50s women.


The fact that 50s women  were robbed of their pensions  by raising the pension age is undeniable. But the biggest argument against putting this right has been the cost – a fact perpetually used by the present pensions minister, Guy Oppenham, who quotes the £70 billion plus figure.

Recently I discovered that successive governments had taken a decision  NOT to top up the fund as originally proposed by William Beveridge when the welfare state was set up in 1948.

What I did not know was how much money was lost. Now thanks to an extraordinary paper prepared for the National Pensioners Convention by a social security expert Tony Lynes,and still on the web, I now know. And it is staggering. You can read it here.

The paper…

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Labour Right Wing Traitors want to shore up the Tories in the National Interest. Neil Kinnock,Tom Watson et al

TRAITOR’S to the Labour Party… how can they even suggest uniting with the Tories in the National Interest, the Tories are forcing people to live in poverty, causing the deaths of thousands & thousands of disabled people, universal credit causing untold misery, the NHS severely UNDERFUNDED by intent so as to cause it to collapse so the Tories can PRIVATISE our NHS, Tax Avoidance made easy by the Tories, Brexit it tatters as the Tories haven’t got a clue how to get the best deal, Retail giants going under at an alarming rate, Zero Hour Contracts has become the norm under the Tories as it keeps the unemployment figures down & brings untold misery to those on these horrendous contracts, Privatised companies keeping their profits and being bailed out us the taxpayer when the Privatised company gets into trouble.
The Country is in a complete SHAMBLES & the people are SUFFERING due to CONSERVATIVE INCOMPETENCE & the Labour Right Wingers want to prop up this heinous incompetent Government NOT for the sake of the Country as they would have us believe but for the sake of their own POCKETS & of course their over inflated egos.

DESELECT THE TRAITORS NOW, there is NO National interest but their own.

Revealed: The next bill for the over 40s: Your social care tax

David Hencke

ImageVaultHandler.aspx pic credit:


Without huge coverage MPs from two influential Parliamentary committees yesterday proposed a new tax system to pay for the burgeoning cost of social care.

The proposal could mean a new hike in national insurance contributions, some redistribution of money going to fund your local council, higher council, inheritance and income tax  and/or abolishing some of the existing universal pension benefits, like the heating allowance or cutting future state pension rises.

Significantly it includes making existing pensioners pay more tax particularly if they are still supplementing their pension by working.

This makes this the first serious policy proposal to deliberately tax people differently depending on their age – and exempting the millennials  at the expense of the elderly. In that it feeds into the current  and my view misconceived debate that millennials are being robbed by wealthy pensioners and the system must be changed…

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Revealed: The £200,000 food bank warehouse in Amber Rudd’s Hastings constituency caused by the Universal Credit debacle

David Hencke

amber rudd Amber Rudd- former home secretary and MP for Hastings as the Universal Credit debacle rolls out in her constituency


The  billion pound plus failure of the implementation of Universal Credit is rightly condemned by the National Audit Office in a report published today.

Aimed to save money, get everybody back to work, simplify a complex benefit system and to be easily implemented.  Instead it is going to cost more, is years behind schedule, discriminates against disabled and poorly educated people, and the government has plans to force the elderly not entitled to a pension to have to use it when it  changes entitlement to pension credit ( see my earlier blog here)

But it is also having appalling consequences for food banks, landlords, council and housing association tenants – as the example in Amber Rudd’s constituency ( details down below show).

In the meantime ministers…

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Tory MP who blocked private bill to outlaw upskirting has sponsored 47 private bills himself

Pride's Purge

The right-wing press, including the BBC, have been desperately trying to spin and excuse the inexcusable actions of Tory MP Sir Christopher Chope – who has blocked bills to outlaw upskirting and attacks on police dogs and horses – by claiming he is against ALL private members’ bills as a point of principle.

This is what is known technically in journalism and media circles as ‘a lie’.

Because if he is so against private members’ bills in principle, then why has Chope himself sponsored a private members’ bill to make Brexit a bank hoilday?

And how come he has also personally sponsored a private members’ bill to force NHS patients to pay for treatment:

The truth is that Chope has himself sponsored as many as 47 of his own private members’ bills.

His other private biills include ones to limit severance payments by public bodies to their staff; privatise…

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The Downing Street state pension robbery

WASPI WOMEN need to read this

David Hencke

Downing Street thieves I wonder if Mr Plod has a good sense of humour or a good photoshop. Pic Credit : Scott Scott on Twitter


The mantra  that we cannot afford to pay the 3.9 million  50s women   their pensions until they are 65 and soon 66 is based on the premise that there is no money in the National Insurance Fund. The big question is why?

I have already in a previous report for #Backto60  shown that the accounts of the National Insurance Fund are in fact in surplus. But detractors point out that they soon won’t be if the government hands back £77 billion owed to the women.

But what if we have reached  this situation because the government has raided a fund  which is 91 per cent spent on pensions for other benefits. And what if the Treasury deliberately decided to  undermine the fund by avoiding…

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