Dear Remainers. Can Lib Dems be trusted NOT to do a deal with any future Tory PM on Brexit?

LibDems Cannot be trusted ever.

Pride's Purge

The question Remainers should be asking: are we really so sure the Lib Dems will oppose any future Brexit deal a Tory PM might broker?

Because recent worrying signs are that the Lib Dems may not be so against a Brexit deal after all.

First of all, news has leaked that the Liberal Democrats in Scotland are already discussing doing a deal with Scots Tories. This would help ensure the Tories remain the largest party in Westminster, thereby making some form of a Brexit deal much more likely.

Secondly, Lib Dem leaders have announced that they would prefer Tory MP Ken Clarke to be the temporary PM if any vote of No Confidence in Boris Johnson’s government succeeds.

But Ken Clarke is VEHEMENTLY AGAINST a 2nd referendum and he VOTED 3 TIMES FOR BREXIT (May’s deal):

This means the Lib Dems are openly planning to support a pro-(deal)Brexit, anti-referendum…

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“The Night of the Even Longer Knives”

This is a brilliant read

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni


In 1846, a relatively young Member of Parliament destroyed his own party’s Government. The MP in question, Benjamin Disraeli, the first Jew ever to sit in the House of Commons, had been passed over for a Cabinet position by the then-Prime Minister, Robert Peel. Taking the slight rather more personally than he should have, Disraeli sought revenge, and used a debate over repealing the archaic protectionist Corn Laws to carry out a series of vitriolic verbal attacks on his leader.

While perhaps not entirely intending to have the effect, Disraeli ended up not only completely destroying Peel and forcing him to resign as Prime Minister, but also caused the Conservative Parliamentary Party to split. Peel bitterly resigned his membership of the Tories, and took most of his front bench MPs with him. This breakaway faction became known as ‘the Peelites’, and they formed an alliance with the…

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Let’s clear up something about BoJob’s “new policy program”

Good analysis

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

As I wrote over the weekend, Boris Johnson, already the worst Prime Minister the UK has ever had after being in office barely six weeks, has managed to push the country into a Constitutional crisis with his first significant action in the role. Sounds about right for such a psychopath really. He accomplished this by pressuring the Queen into suspending (“proroguing”) Parliament for a crucial period of over a month, from mid-September to mid-to-late-October. This would mean the House of Commons would have insufficient time to put together a Bill to prevent a No Deal Brexit happening on 31st October; certainly it would be easy for any MPs in favour of No Deal to ‘bog down’ any debate by filibustering and raising constant pedantic objections to waste time.

Now, the pretext Johnson has given for this completely anti-democratic and unconstitutional move is that he supposedly has a…

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Mother of terminally-ill daughter pleads with Brexiters to reject no-deal Brexit

Every Brexiteer needs to read this, it’s heartbreaking

Pride's Purge

Posted on Twitter by Jo Walton:

I apologise in advance in case my language in the following post offends anyone’s sensibilities, but I am not going to apologise for the content.

I am experiencing more and more self-satisfied, inaccurate and self-congratulatory posts expressing outrageous joy at the prospect, for this country and its population, of a NO DEAL BREXIT.

I would like those who think it is a good idea to read what follows and take in the implications.

As many of you are aware, our daughter, Sarah, is terminally ill with a degenerative neurological illness caused by a rare complication of measles infection.


She is not going to get better and for the last 15 years the prime role of myself and Mark, her dad, has been to make her passage through what is left of her life as pain free and comfortable as possible.

In addition…

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Byline Times: EU countries and Switzerland tighten laws to block Brits right to work in Europe in “No Deal” Brexit

We cannot allow a No Deal Brexit. Don’t just hope for a better life… Vote for one … Vote Labour

Westminster Confidential

EU and UK flag: Pic Credit: European Commission

The Swiss will introduce work quotas, the Danes and Estonians will treat new Brits settling there after Oct 31 under the Alien laws and the Belgians will introduce tough border checks to see whether we have enough money to holiday there.

All this is in new legislation already passed by many of the 31 countries in Europe to counter Boris Johnson’s No deal Brexit on October 31.

Read the full story with all the facts on Byline Times here. Plus you can check the new legislation yourself – most of it in English – by going to an expat blog Dispatches Europe.

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Top Trump Aide negotiating Brexit trade deal compares NHS to North Korea

We have to stop this at all costs

Pride's Purge

John Bolton – the top Trump aide here in the UK at the moment to talk about a post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and the US – has said publicly that a public healthcare system such as the NHS is something only Iranian or North Korean leaders like.

In a 2011 speech, Bolton declared:

“…both Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Il in the healthcare debate would undoubtedly prefer the public option.”

Be afraid. Very afraid.


Full transcript of Bolton speech here:

John Bolton – Defence Forum Foundation

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Boris Johnson wants to be stopped. He doesn’t want a no-deal Brexit.

Pride's Purge

I have a theory about Boris Johnson and his no-deal Brexit plans.

He’s a historian with a great eye on history. My theory is he first of all just wanted to go down in history on the list of British PMs, have his painting on the wall of Downing Street (or wherever PM portraits hang).

He succeeded. His name is now in the history books forever, whatever happens. He’s not stupid. He knew to win the leadership contest and become PM, he HAD to be a hard brexiter. So he was. Nothing else mattered at that time.

But now he has already guaranteed his name has gone down in history, he has to deal with the promises he made to his party and the hard brexiters who elected him.

But again, he’s not stupid. He knows very well a hard no-deal Brexit will bankrupt the country. And that doesn’t look…

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