Yes, Long-Bailey has been stitched up, but I have little sympathy

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by Martin Odoni

Rebecca Long-Bailey is the latest high-profile figure in the Labour Party to be stitched up by the hysterical “anti-Semitism-in-the-Labour-Party” witch-hunt. The new Labour leader, Keir Starmer, once again leaving no one in any doubt as to his true right wing nature, today fired her from the Shadow Cabinet. His pretext for doing so was that she had shared on her Twitter feed an article propagating an ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy theory’. The real reason is almost certainly that Starmer and Long-Bailey were at loggerheads over the Tory decision to reopen schools while the death-rate from the CoVid-19 Coronavirus remains worryingly high. As Shadow Education Secretary, Long-Bailey, rightly, was bitterly opposed; the infection rate in schools has doubled. Starmer, “Leader of the Opposition” (HAH!) for the umpteenth time wanted to back the Government, albeit cautiously and with provisos.

The article Long-Bailey shared was an interview with actress-and-activist, Maxine…

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REBLOG: The Drunkard of Europe

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Jason Michael McCann, a Scottish writer based in Dublin, tells the current, right-wing-dominated mess that is post-Thatcherite England some home truths.

IT WAS ONE OF THE WORST DAYS OF MY LIFE. I know for a fact it was the worst day in at least two people’s lives. In the early hours of the morning the phone rang. On the other end of the phone my friend was speaking to me in a stranger’s voice. Her husband was beside himself with shock and grief, and she was calmly explaining to me what had happened. I say ‘calmly,’ but this wasn’t calm. It was emotionless, a sort of thousand-yard stare of a voice, producing something that sounded for all the world like the person I knew while she was somewhere else. This voice was absent, it was hollow, and this voice woke me up. Their beautiful baby daughter had died in her…

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REBLOG: Starmer’s private donors

Starmer’s private donors

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Any last lingering hopes anyone on the Labour left might have been clinging to that Keir Starmer would be a progressive leader are now ashes, it would seem. Unity News claim to have discovered the identities of Starmer’s private donors of greater than £5,000. If Unity are correct about them, they are, depressingly predictably, the kinds of people you cannot possibly walk through City Of London’s financial district without them colliding with you and pushing you off the pavement.

Robert Latham – £100,000
Retired barrister

Clive Hollick – £25,000
Ex-merchant banker

Martin Clarke – £25,000
Ex-Daily Mail publisher (major alarm bell over this one!)

Sonny Leong CBE – £5,000
Former executive of the Labour Party’s ‘1000 Club’ – essentially a legalised cash-for-access-to-politicians scheme

Lady Katharine Gavron – £5,000
Widow of British printing millionaire Baron Gavron, who funded Tony Blair

Spot the difference between Starmer and BlairStarmer’s the one of the left. Er, I think.

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Early thoughts on ‘The’ dossier

Thanks to Martin Odoni for breaking it down.. This is a despicable act of treachery.

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

As mentioned overnight, a dossier detailing conduct within the mechanisms of the Labour Party over the last five years has been uncovered. It was compiled for sending to an independent inquiry into supposedly “rife” anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, but some administrator in the party structure barred the dossier from being forwarded (a move that sounds strangely reminiscent of…. oooooh, something that happened in about, what was it? 1989? In South Yorkshire, was it?). Excerpts were leaked to Sky News yesterday, and there has been a growing clamour for it to be published in full.

Well guess what? The dossier was leaked to Novara Media. I doubt we shall ever know who did it, but what I can say is that, yes, from what I have seen so far, it really is damning. It demonstrates that, while they were whining to the…

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This dossier MUST be published


TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

I am just going to leave these details here, and let readers figure it out for themselves.

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Here comes the usual Tory whining when getting told off

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by Martin Odoni


I am still laid up with the CoVid-19 fever, and while I am improving gradually, I still have some way to go until I have properly recovered. Therefore, my apologies if this article is not quite up to my usual standard for coherence or flow, but concentration is not easy when running a high temperature.


If there is one Law of Thermodynamics that Sir Isaac Newton missed, it is the following; –

At the height of Tory-induced social entropy, the chances of a Tory accepting the blame for the detereoration are zero.

Now, no one should suggest that the current CoVid-19 pandemic is an easy crisis to control and resolve. There is no guarantee that any technique deployed against a contagion as easily-spread as this one can stop, or even slow, its proliferation. So long as a Government in any corner of the world is…

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Britain dutifully bows down to the ruling elite.

Left in New Zealand

Congratulations to the people of ‘Great’ Britain for voting the ruling elite into power yet again. You certainly do know your place. Now they have a mandate to treat people with disdain and contempt, for the next five years. I always thought people in the US were dumb, but there is a new kid on the block vying for the title. How can a party offering no credible policies, with a history of inflicting misery on millions, with a leader who hides in a fridge when things get mildly difficult remain in power. I could glibly say you get what you deserve, but that would be grossly unfair to the millions who can see through this charade of thinly veiled fascism.

It would appear that many people from where I grew up in the north have had a lobotomy, believing all that the billionaire controlled media had to say pre-election…

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Friday the 13th – a true horror

I for one along with thousands of Labour members will not tolerate a Right Wing leader or a Right Wing Party. My membership card & that of my husband will be cut into tiny pieces, I honestly cannot see a way back for the left. It is with a heavy hearts that we resign from the Labour Party.

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

I was never very confident going into this General Election. Oh, I often tried to project as positive a mood as I could, to do my bit for morale, but I never quite got the sense of the Labour Party closing the gap on the Tories as I got in 2017.

Even so, the shock of the Exit Poll suggesting Labour were down to below 200 seats was absolutely horrible, worse than the one in 2015. In the end, Labour were twelve seats up on the Exit Poll, but that is scant consolation. It is a disaster, and Labour are now in a weaker position in the House of Commons than they have been at any time since the end of World War II.

The right wing of the party, and the media, have been quick to push a message that Labour have moved too far…

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Tory Britain: boy fighting for life stripped of Disability Living Allowance by DWP

My wish for December12th… Get the callous Tories out

Pride's Purge

Boris Johnson and his Tory Government have given away over £70 billion in tax cuts to a few wealthy individuals and big businesses since they’ve been in power.

Meanwhile meet Kori. A beautiful little boy, he had a heart transplant in 2018 but unfortunately his body is rejecting the new heart and he is now fighting for his life:

kori sick dwp

But the DWP – under instructions from Boris Johnson and his cruel Tory government – have decided Kori is as fit as any other boy of his age and have stripped him of his Disability Living Allowance and his family’s Motability vehicle:

Kori’s fight for life

I guess the Tories have to make savings somewhere for their massive giveaways to their wealthy mates.


Kori’s family have given permission for their story to be shared. So please share to get the word out.

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Labour’s new deal for 50swomen’s lost pensions: What does it mean?

Wow just got a nice surprise born March 1951 & only had to wait a year to get my state pension, I didn’t think I would get any compensation but just put my details into the Labour Party calculator & I will get £4900.00 over 5 years which has come as a nice surprise as did not expect to get anything as I haven’t suffered the same as those born a few years later.
A very good reason to vote Labour12th December

Westminster Confidential

Crowds of BackTo60 supporters after the judicial review hearing

Labour today broke through the political barrier of just offering tea and sympathy for 3.8 million women who had to wait up to six years for their pensions.

And coming only 24 hours after Boris Johnson announced that the Conservative Party would not give a penny in compensation to any of the women affected by this appalling scandal it is a major advance.

First the positives. It is a huge improvement on the offer available from the All Party Parliamentary Group on the issue co chaired by Tim Loughton, the Tory MP for Worthing East and Shoreham and Carolyn Harris, Labour MP for Swansea,East. The sums are obvious. Tim Loughton is on record of seeking £2 billion compensation, Labour is offering to spend £58 billion over five years.

From what I could gather – despite both MPs declining to answer any…

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