Tory Britain: boy fighting for life stripped of Disability Living Allowance by DWP

My wish for December12th… Get the callous Tories out

Pride's Purge

Boris Johnson and his Tory Government have given away over £70 billion in tax cuts to a few wealthy individuals and big businesses since they’ve been in power.

Meanwhile meet Kori. A beautiful little boy, he had a heart transplant in 2018 but unfortunately his body is rejecting the new heart and he is now fighting for his life:

kori sick dwp

But the DWP – under instructions from Boris Johnson and his cruel Tory government – have decided Kori is as fit as any other boy of his age and have stripped him of his Disability Living Allowance and his family’s Motability vehicle:

Kori’s fight for life

I guess the Tories have to make savings somewhere for their massive giveaways to their wealthy mates.


Kori’s family have given permission for their story to be shared. So please share to get the word out.

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Labour’s new deal for 50swomen’s lost pensions: What does it mean?

Wow just got a nice surprise born March 1951 & only had to wait a year to get my state pension, I didn’t think I would get any compensation but just put my details into the Labour Party calculator & I will get £4900.00 over 5 years which has come as a nice surprise as did not expect to get anything as I haven’t suffered the same as those born a few years later.
A very good reason to vote Labour12th December

Westminster Confidential

Crowds of BackTo60 supporters after the judicial review hearing

Labour today broke through the political barrier of just offering tea and sympathy for 3.8 million women who had to wait up to six years for their pensions.

And coming only 24 hours after Boris Johnson announced that the Conservative Party would not give a penny in compensation to any of the women affected by this appalling scandal it is a major advance.

First the positives. It is a huge improvement on the offer available from the All Party Parliamentary Group on the issue co chaired by Tim Loughton, the Tory MP for Worthing East and Shoreham and Carolyn Harris, Labour MP for Swansea,East. The sums are obvious. Tim Loughton is on record of seeking £2 billion compensation, Labour is offering to spend £58 billion over five years.

From what I could gather – despite both MPs declining to answer any…

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Candidate changes name to Mr Brexit Party – barred from using it – now stuck with name for life

This has just made my day

Pride's Purge

A Brexit Party parliamentary candidate was so angry by Nigel Farage’s decision to stand down party candidates in Tory seats, he changed his name by deed poll to Mr Brexit Party – so the party name would still appear on the ballot.

Andrew Morgan – Brexit Party candidate for Clacton before Farage sold him out – changed his name officially to Andrew Morgan Clacton-Brexit Party (I’m not making this up).

However, the local returning officer – after receiving legal advice – has ruled his name cannot appear on the ballot papers as it would mislead voters so his name will appear as plain old Andrew Morgan.

Morgan however is now stuck with the name for the rest of his life.

Should have got a picture of Farage’s face tattooed on one of his buttocks instead…

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Time for Remainers to face facts as well. Voting for Jo Swinson is NOT going to stop Brexit

Stupidity! if remainers vote for the LibDems, they will not win the General Election, so it will be a wasted vote & if by voting for them causes Labour to not win you can say goodbye to the EU because & mark my words Jo Swinson is power hungry & will prop up a Conservative Government at the drop of her hat & we will exit with a HARD Brexit & If people are so stupid as to cut their noses off to spite their faces, there is nothing I can do about it except say that with Labour there is at least a 50/50 chance of remaining because Labour will put their deal with remain on the ballot to the people in a referendum.

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

Delusions on both sides

I have written a considerable amount over the last couple of years criticising Brexiteers for their disregard for reality, and rightly so. It is one of the most painful patterns of modern political discourse trying to convince a Leave-supporter, either of the right or of the left, to take the plain facts into account when analysing how Brexit is going i.e. very, very badly, perhaps to the point of unworkable.

But I have to concede, the Remain camp has its share of pie-in-the-sky dreamers too. From those who talk in flowery, detail-free soundbites about the ‘beauty’ of European unity, which bears almost no resemblance to the neoliberal reality of the European Union, to those who confuse globalisation with internationalism and therefore fail to recognise that the EU stands far more for market power than it does for battling against inequality. Remainers…

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Boris Johnson is making the same mistakes as Theresa May did in 2017

Martin telling it as it is, at his brilliant best.

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

I did mention earlier in the year that Boris Johnson, who in most respects could hardly be more different to his predecessor, Theresa May, is nonetheless still just similar enough to make many of the same mistakes. This General Election campaign, he seems to be setting out to prove it.

We all remember, I am sure, the negativity, cowardice, and general ugliness of the Conservative campaigns in General Elections 2015 and 2017. 2017 in particular was almost painful to behold, as a mechanical, no-chances-taken, evasive, badly over-choreographed and colourless Tory campaign pretty much handed Labour about ten points in support from a public on the threshold of lethal boredom. The whole seven-week fiasco demonstrated that May was absolutely hopeless at heading up an Election campaign, and should have established her as the very model of a leader not to emulate on the metaphorical hustings.

With this…

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Eventful start to GE2019

Tom Watson the weasel has resigned…. yah!

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

Well, that was a dramatic day. One minute after the end of the 5th of November, Parliament was officially dissolved. Not in a gunpowder blast of smoke and flame, but for a General Election. And yet a fuse was lit, it seems, for an explosion of events followed.

By the end of the day, Labour’s Deputy Leader, the odious Tom Watson, had stepped down, three Labour MPs were barred from standing in the party’s name (entirely wrongly in Chris Williamson’s case*), the Liberal Democrats’ literature campaign was exposed as a catalogue of fiction, the Conservative Party were caught red-handed handling vast sums of Russian money, a Conservative Minister had to resign due to lies he allegedly told relating to a rape trial, and the LibDem leader thought it was a strategically sound idea to boast that she was willing to destroy the world.

Consistency? Jo…

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Over a third of Tory Brexiter voters planning to abandon Tory party for Farage

Pride's Purge

In the light of today’s declaration by Nigel Farage rejecting Johnson’s EU deal and pledging the Brexit Party will stand against the Tories at the next election if they refuse to back a no-deal Brexit, it would be interesting to know just how many Tory voters are now planning to turn against Johnson and vote for Farage’s party instead.

Well, here might be an indication.

I’m a Remainer but I’m a member of a few Brexiter groups so I can keep track of Brexiter opinion.

Today, a member of one of the largest and most popular Tory Brexit groups on Facebook decided to ask the other members the direct question: who is now voting for Farage and who is still sticking with Johnson:

A scroll through the replies, a count up and quick calculation reveals the following results:

34% of these Tory voters are now switching to Farage’s Brexit Party

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