Tories to implement new nasties for next generation of poverty stricken pensioners

David Hencke

dsc_8416 Guy Opperman, pensions minster and MP for Hexham pic credit: guy opperman website


The attack on the 3.9 million 50s women who have lost their pension income is about to be stepped up again – with the poorest pensioners suffering a new round of misery  as a result of legislation passed by the coalition government in 2013.

The Mirror in a scoop last week by Dan Bloom has revealed that nearly one million women who could have claimed pension credit have been denied cold weather payments this year because of the rise in the pension age.

Pension credit is paid to the poorest people who can’t qualify for a pension and have less than £10,000 savings but it is linked to the pension age. It is also the passport to other benefits  – including cold weather payments. This year’s cold weather provoked by the Beast from…

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How our incompetent leaders are leading us into a disastrous Charge of the Brexit Brigade

A very good analogy of Brexit

Pride's Purge

The infamous and tragic Charge of the Light Brigade is the story of an out-of-touch leadership so blinded by over-confidence that they willingly chose to charge headlong into a disastrous situation they knew they couldn’t win.

Sound familiar?

The tragic charge at the Battle of Balaclava was caused by misunderstandings, strategic incompetence, over-confidence on the part of an arrogant leadership, squabbling between the main decision-makers and a general over-estimation of the strength of the British position.

Exactly as Brexit is marked by tactical misunderstandings, strategic incompetence, over-confidence on the part of our arrogant leadership, squabbling between the main decision-makers and a general over-estimation of the strength of the British position.

The original orders for the Light Cavalry to put on a simple tactical show of strength, were deliberately and recklessly misinterpreted by incompetent leaders to lead their men into a suicidal and futile full-frontal attack.

Exactly as the Brexit referendum is…

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The fight of my life

As a fifties child I can resonate wth Keith’s musings. I still cannot believe I am living through the hell the Tories are inflicting upon the UK.

Fear and loathing in Great Britain


I am now officially retired and although I have been sickness retired for some years now, I am experiencing high levels of what is called cognitive dissonance – “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change.”

Reflecting on my life, I feel my generation was arguably one of the most fortunate generations in history. Born in 1951, I emerged, all unsuspecting, into an emerging cultural revolution, one that, in my teens, I was to grab onto like a drowning lad needing air.

I was educated in a Secondary Modern school which was essentially a school that generated factory fodder and my personal experience was that I felt, as a 16 year old teenager, I was sucked into a yawning pit of alienation and despondency in which I saw, for the first time, my life spread before me with all the…

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MPs discuss new technology to ‘help disabled get to work’ – while taking away their cars

Pride's Purge

MPs on the Work & Pensions Committee in the House of Commons are discussing today new technology from the likes of Microsoft, Apple and Google which will (according to the HoC press release below) “help people with disabilities get into, progress in – and literally get to work.”

Perhaps someone should point out to MPs that if they are really interested in helping disabled people get to work, then perhaps they should discuss returning some of the ‘old’ technology that has been taken away from them in the last few years.

Such as cars:

More than 50,000 disabled people have had specially adapted vehicles taken away since changes to disability benefits in 2013.

Motability car loss ‘left me suicidal’ says disabled man

Obviously, all this ‘new technology’ is going to mean handing billions of our money over to high-tech’ companies.



Work & Pensions Committee


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#DWP Review of #PIP A car crash waiting to happen.


So the ‘Honourable’ disabilities minister Sarah Newton stated in a press release (no questions people) the DWP is to review 1.6 Million PIP application forms; so the 220,000 claimants with Mental Health problems (of which I am one) should receive the Mobility element previously disallowed.

This simply Terrifies me. On paper I ought to be able to look forward to a point some time in the (distant?) future, my PIP award resembles a similar amount to that of my prior DLA – about an extra £35 a week. However  I share the fears of  fellow blogger  Joe Halewood ‏who said on Twitter “What sort of idiot thinks reassessing 1.6 m PIP claimants – and it will be a FULL reassessment not just MH aspects – is good news? PIP will go down as well as up and some will have it taken away. 1.6 m more stressed out claimants too!”

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Heart attack? Patients dying after waiting hours for ambulances blamed on cuts to NHS services

Pride's Purge

Before the Conservatives started cutting frontline emergency services, ambulances could usually be relied on to arrive within minutes of being called:

Speed of response is especially important in emergencies where the patient is in cardiac arrest, in which delays of minutes or even seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

But today, after 7 years of Tory cuts, a whistleblower at a large Ambulance Trust has revealed emergency patients are now sometimes having to wait hours for an ambulance to arrive – leading to scores of deaths.

An unnamed non-executive director of the East of England Ambulance Trust has leaked a dossier of recent ambulance call outs – with response times from initial call to times of arrival – and the outcomes for the patients.

It shows patients dying after having to wait as long as 16 hours for an ambulance:

Who is stupid enough to keep voting for…

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