Police insp who shopped Diane Abbott for drinking on train faced disciplinary for far-right comments

Pride's Purge

The retired Met’ Detective Chief Inspector who took a photograph of Diane Abbott MP drinking a mojito on a train was disciplined and forced into early retirement because of his far-right wing posts on social media.

In 2016, DCI Mick Neville faced disciplinary action for homophobic comments and rants about “left-wing idiots” and migrants who have “turned London into a foreign city”.

Unluckily for Mr Neville, and the Sun and the Mail who tried to make something from this story, their plans have backfired spectacularly.

The story has only gone to make Diane Abbott more human and more popular in the public’s eyes.

Personally, I think obsessive strange men secretly taking photographs of women on trains is much more worrying than someone taking a little drink from a can on the way home from work.

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JLM vote ‘no confidence’ in Jeremy Corbyn. But so what?

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

A vote of no confidence in the leadership of someone you do not recognisably follow is a pretty futile gesture. Imagine Joseph Stalin, in 1943, had run a ballot of the Soviet population asking them, say, whether they had confidence in the Presidency of Franklin D Roosevelt in the United States – the USSR’s ally-of-convenience during World War II. Now I daresay the result of such a vote might have been interesting, but it would not have made any practical difference.

With this in mind, it seems bizarre that the media are reporting yesterday’s news that the ‘Jewish Labour Movement’ have voted that they have no confidence in the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, as though it is some major development. Does anyone in full honesty imagine that the vote matters one jot?

I often encounter people on social media who claim that the JLM…

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Jackie Walker’s expulsion from Labour is a re-run of the Wadsworth stitch-up

The suspension of Jackie Walker is a travesty of Justice as was Marc Wadsworth and many others

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

Jacqueline Walker, a black Jewish activist and long-time Labour Party anti-racism campaigner, was expelled from the party today. The story of her, somewhat-carelessly-worded-but-accurate, remarks about Jews being leading financiers of the slave trade in past centuries, is well-enough recorded that I doubt I need to go over it. If you need to refresh your memory, see here.

Jackie Walker stitched upJackie Walker has been expelled from the Labour Party for stating historical facts.

However, the reason why this is as much a stitch-up as the expulsion of Marc Wadsworth last year bears mentioning. As with the Wadsworth hearing, the disciplinary process was clearly corrupted.

The pretext for Walker being suspended was supposed ‘anti-Semitic’ behaviour. There is a reluctance on the part of many in the media to mention that the accused is herself Jewish. (As indeed there has been with the accusations against the likes of Tony Greenstein,

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Theresa May – the PriMINO

I pray that Martin is correct and a General Election is looming, I also pray that my fellow citizens have had enough of our shambolic Government & vote for a Labour Government with enough majority to rule, that would be all my Christmas’s rolled into one.

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

Yesterday‘s events in the House of Commons were an unspoken acknowledgement of what has been fairly blatant for several years; Brexit just is not going to work out. Oh, I am fairly sure the UK will still be leaving the European Union by one arrangement or another, but it will go poorly, will cause more harm than good, and will not be arrived at by any course the Prime Minister has chosen.

More meaningfully, yesterday was also an unspoken acknowledgement of another reality that will upset few, but worry many by the implications of it; Theresa May is now a PriMINOPrime Minister In Name Only.

Theresa May - PriMINONow she has lost all control over Brexit, the last vestiges of Prime Ministerial power have deserted Theresa May.

May’s alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party has essentially been reduced to a bad joke, as the DUP ruled…

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More Brexiter lies: No – the Revoke Art. 50 petition is NOT being faked by Russian bots or fraudsters

If you haven’t already done so PLEASE sign the petition ‘Revoke Article 50’

Pride's Purge

According to leading Brexiters, the petition to revoke article 50 (sign here) allows people to sign multiple times, allows non-Brits from abroad to sign it and is being boosted by “armies” of fake Russian bots:

petition 3All lies.

The extraordinary success of the petition (over 3 million and still counting at the time of writing) has got panicking Brexit leaders rolling out porkies to their easily hoodwinked supporters to rival those written on the side of a bus.

LIE 1: the petition allows people to sign multiple times.

It is possible to sign the petition multiple times but the signature will only be counted as a genuine signature and added to the petition count once it is verified by email address. And each email address is verified as valid and unique to each signer’s name after the IP address and identity has passed through anti-abuse measures by no…

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Please don’t ask me if I am Jewish. If you want a polite reply.

Pride's Purge

Since I started to write about what I see as the trivialisation of antisemitism in recent months, I have been asked many times: “Are you Jewish?”

I’ve tried to ignore the question because I don’t want to encourage idiots into thinking it’s OK to glibly discuss the ‘Jewishness’ of other people when it comes to debating antisemitism, or anything else for that matter. Because it really is not OK.

But it’s got to the stage now where I can no longer ignore it.

So here is my reply:

My father’s Jewish family were murdered in the Holocaust. Three brothers survived – one my grandfather – who were ‘allowed’ to leave Vienna in the 1930s.

In those days, when the Nazis took over Austria, Jews were allowed to leave, if they had enough money to ‘buy’ their way out of the country. The family (we presume) clubbed together to pay for…

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the watch

jackie-walker-cu Jackie Walker

86C9B737-9B40-4997-8009-36033283817A A scene from rehearsed reading of The Lynching


A few days ago I went to see the first rehearsed reading of a brand new play in London.

It was a packed audience and they lapped it up.

The play is based on a one woman show which has been performed across Britain, in Europe and in the US.

A show which has been highly praised by a string of well known stars of the left including Ken Loach, Mark Thomas and Alexei Sayle.

A show which has now had a film made about it loudly extolled by ace directors Mike Leigh and Peter “Wolf Hall” Kosminsky.

Yet you will not see this play, or this film, reviewed or even discussed in your newspaper, on the television or the radio.

No, not in the Independent, not in the Guardian, not on Channel Four, not on Radio…

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