“Why don’t you get legal help?”

Justice is a right, not a privilege

The question in the title above is often asked immediately I mention how precarious our lives have become and what has been done to us. The paragraphs below are part of a letter of invitation to a county court asking for a Refusal of Permission to Appeal that I was required to write last week. I hope it answers the question:

“2.0. With regard to paragraph 4 of the order, Judge L- has advised that I as First Defendant should obtain
urgent legal advice and representation under the legal aid scheme. It is therefore very important that I set out exactly why I and my daughter have been forced to act as litigants in person in this case.

2.1. I am a sociologist by profession, retired due to progressive ill health and disability, and needing
to care for my daughter in the absence of any other support. However I am…

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Cancer sufferer father-of-two dies with just £8 IN POCKET after being told he can make tea

Pride's Purge

Joseph MacMillan had his nose amputated because of cancer.

Despite fighting an ultimately losing battle with the disease, Joseph had received no benefits from March after the Tory government decided he did not qualify for financial help because he could walk up and down stairs and make himself a cup of tea.

Joseph died three weeks ago with just £8 in his pocket.

Full story here.

If you are thinking of voting Tory – you’d better pray and hope that neither you nor any of your loved ones get cancer or any other debilitating illness while they are in power.

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DIRTY TRICKS: Lib Dem Nick Clegg staffer claims to have left LABOUR over anti-semitism

Dirty Tricks Brigade at it again..Enough is Enough

Pride's Purge

A touching tweet and heartfelt blogpost from a Douglas Dowell about how he has left the Labour Party because of anti-semitism has been shared extensively on social media:

In the blogpost, Mr Dowell talks touchingly about how he has “no choice but to resign from the Labour Party” and he says that “someday, I hope there will once again be an anti-racist, internationalist, reliably constitutional social democratic party worth joining.”

Perhaps Douglas is referring to the Liberal Democrats?

Because what Dowell ‘forgets’ to mention is that he is the same Douglas Dowell who was employed in Nick Clegg’s office before he lost his seat, as the Policy Team Leader for the Liberal Democrat Party:

I wonder why no mainstream journalist has yet noticed this little fact?

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Why these liars, cheats and fraudsters should be prosecuted for ripping off taxpayers and cheating London’s firefighters

David Hencke

assetco_3417t John Shannon , former chief executive of Assetco. now exposed as a liar and fraudster, banned for 16 years from practising as an accountant and ordered to pay £550,00 in fines and costs


This month one of the most devastating reports into a privatisation rip off was published by the Financial Reporting Council, which regulates chartered accountants. It involves a saga much reported on this blog, the failed privatisation of London and Lincoln’s  fire engines, handed over to what are now revealed to be liars and fraudsters who ran Assetco at the time.

The three top directors, chief executive, John Shannon; chief financial officer, Frank Flynn; and group financial controller, Matt Boyle, could not even be bothered to attend a tribunal hearing to defend themselves against 27 allegations of misconduct. Shannon and Boyle are thought to be somewhere in South East Asia Flynn is in Northern…

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Racists and antisemites openly infiltrating Conservative Party

Pride's Purge

Racists and former UKIP, BNP, EDL members are openly boasting on social media about how they are joining the Conservative Party so they can vote in a future Tory leadership contest:

Apparently, there is nothing wrong with racists infiltrating the Conservatives:

Or UKIP supporters joining the Tories:

And no problem with people who like to share a BNP leader’s anti-semitic tweets being new members:

Some UKIP supporters are even boasting how it’s going to cost them as little as 15 quid to help choose the next Tory leader:

And by around November, nearly all these extremist entryists will have full voting rights in the Tory Party:

But of course, according to the maintsream press, it’s Labour that has a problem with extremist entryism!

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Premier Bin: Is the minimum wage hotel chain run by Whitbread millionaires and promoted by Lenny Henry going to the dump?

David Hencke

20180814_092339-1.jpg The Premier Inn in Lauriston Place, Edinburgh or should I say Premier Bin


I have stayed in a number of Premier Inns on holiday and the atmosphere has always been cheap and cheerful with an emphasis on a good night’s sleep and a good value breakfast.

That is until this year when my wife and I stayed at the Lauriston Place hotel in Edinburgh for the festival. Last year we stayed at its more centrally placed York Place hotel and found it efficient with obliging staff.

During the last 12 months what has changed? For a start there were fewer EU staff which suggests that the chain – in common with national figures released by the government – can no longer rely on people from Europe coming to work here.

Brexiteers- including Jacob Rees Mogg and Nigel Farage – say by halting low paid and unskilled…

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