Look, is Luciana Berger “too-heavily pregnant” for politics or not?

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

Quick post following up on The Skwawkbox‘s earlier observations of a poor turnout at a pro-Remain meeting at the Quaker Meeting House in Liverpool on Saturday evening. As Skwawk noted, the attendance does look suspiciously lower than the figures that Remain Labour are suggesting. I myself was in that same auditorium back in September, attending a fringe democratisation event at the Labour Party Conference, and the attendance for that meeting was so huge that more people were standing than sitting. Comparing the pictures from this week to what I saw then, I am somewhat confident that Remain Labour have inflated the numbers. But if they insist otherwise, well, I shall not dwell on that.

Instead, what I wish to discuss is that, oho, a familiar figure was addressing the crowd. Wavertree’s beloved local MP, Luciana Berger, was ‘at the lectern’.

Luciana Berger at Remain Labour meeting in LiverpoolLuciana Berger, ‘too pregnant’…

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